Supporting Neurodiverse Employees

Complete Training Package for staff in your workplace:

Book our complete training package for a comprehensive approach that includes online training about Autism or Asperger’s syndrome in the workplace followed by face to face consultancy and training to provide information and adjustments that are specific to your unique workplace. Jay Hobbs is a Psychologist and Director at Thriving Now with a wealth of experience working with and supporting neurodiverse (diagnosed with Autism, ADHD or Dyslexia) adults. We will tailor this visit to suit your individual needs but typically this package includes:

  1. Access to our online training to help managers and other staff to understand the basics regarding Autism or Asperger’s syndrome in the workplace. Staff have access to three thirty min video presentations and some additional information about how to implement best practice adjustments.
  2. Our package includes a face to face half day of training and consultancy. Jay will work with managers to understand how to effectively work with an adult with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD or Dyslexia.
  3. Jay also typically works with any neurodiverse employees within your workplace to understand their strengths and any potential support needs.
  4. Staff training modules: These modules are delivered to a group of staff over two hours including discussing specific questions that staff may have that are issues within their workplace. For example, the need to provide feedback effectively, providing clear instructions and accommodations regarding sensory sensitivities at work.
  5. Staff training modules:
    • 1.  What is Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome,
    • 2. Strengths & Challenges in the workplace,
    • 3. Accommodating the different social communication style of Autistic employees. Each presentation includes questions and discussion as well as some video role plays that staff can watch to support understanding.

This complete training package is the most effective way to train managers and staff and costs $99 per employee for the online training and $1300 + expenses for our half day site visit. Contact Jay Hobbs at jamonhobbs@gmail.com to book your staff training package or discuss an alternative approach.

Staff training also available Online

Are you interested in training a small number of employees using our online modules? Our training modules are available now via the list on your left for only $99 per employee. Staff can train anywhere and at their own pace using our outstanding online content.